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Computers and Guns

Computer Service

From a basic system clean out and virus removal to Data recovery we offer a wide range of service and repair for aging computers. Upgrades are of course a possibility and complete overhauls so that a computer is all but new are available.

Gun Transfers

If you have purchased a firearm from a catalogue or an online dealer it can be shipped here for transfer. The transfer fee is $27 (The state now requires we charge Sales tax on Transfers so this is the $25+tax rounded to the nearest dollar).

Computer Sales

We have sold computers for Four Decades and continue to do so. We build new machines to suit your software needs or can get new or used standard models. Our used standard models will be Corporate Off-Lease with a warranty.

Gun Sales

We currently stock a wide range of handguns and can get many handguns as well as some shotguns and rifles. Come in and have a look at our stock or ask us for prices on items you are already looking for.

Gun Service

Is one or more of your Firearms acting badly or in need of some customizing? If so we offer a full range of Gunsmith services. Basic and advanced cleaning, repair, adjustments and more.

What We Do

1 on 1 Training

If you need to learn to use your Computer, Stereo, iPad, Android Table or Kindle Fire we are available to assist you. How about using that Digital Camera or your new Smart Phone? If it’s an electronic device we can help.

Home or Business Wiring

Building a New house? Setting up a new office? Do you need to have it wired for network or Internet?  

We can work with your electricians, or separately run wire, to get Television, Phone and network wiring installed properly and then return and terminate all the wire with the appropriate jacks after the walls are finished.

Personal Security

Are you Secure? How do you know?

We can evaluate you security setup from home, car and life to assist in determining areas of vulnerability and offer ways to improve personal security.

Don’t forget Computer and Network security, we deal with these every day and if you are not secure identity theft is a real possibility.

Picking out a Firearm

Do you need assistance picking out a concealed carry sidearm or a new hunting Shotgun? We have a great deal of experience with a wide range of firearms and can offer suggestions on make models, materials and accessories. If you have a purpose and are looking for a firearm to fit it come talk to us and we may show you something you never considered before.

Web Site Design and Build or Just Build

If you need a web site we offer Design and Build services.

If you have material, Pictures and Text, that you want to put into a web site we can take these and design the site to your taste. Once it’s to your liking we can build it for you and publish it to the web.

If you already have a design in your head and can put it in a story board format we can build it for you and publish it to your web space.

Printer and Copier Service and Repair

If you have a Laser Printer or Copier and Need service we have a certified Repair Technician that can service your equipment. Printer can be dropped off here at our shop or serviced On-Site.